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Reforma newspaper coverage of the launch of “A Pending Meeting” in El Olmedo.

We are excited to share with you the note from  about “A pending meeting” by  Agustina Tocalli-Beller , illustrated by  Patricio Betteo . Definitely a book to enjoy!


Recommendation in the newspaper Reforma

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Mexican literature shines at the 2016 Beijing International Book Fair 

Interesting literary suggestions. Saying what you feel is a right.

Xoco-firms in El Olmedo

On Saturday September 1, Agustina Tocalli Beller, author of  Xocolatl. The Mexican xoloitzcuintle took advantage of his visit to El Olmedo to read the story and sign some books.

Narrate a way of being

La Nación:  With the premise of encouraging children to tell what happens to them,  the author Agustina… .

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12 books of witches, grim reapers and Mexican chimeras  recommended by Adolfo Córdova.

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Liberia Octavio Paz:  From Frida and Diego’s space to the streets of Kahlo and Rivera:  Xoco-acán