Agustina Tocalli-Beller

On Being Foreign

On Being Foreign: Stories close to hoME*

Our ability to read and to adapt to a new culture sets us apart from other species. Yet, we experience many challenges when we move to a new country. In this course, we embrace our multi-cultural world through the eyes of fictional characters of stories written by literary giants such as Camus, Borges, Conrad, Kipling and many more. Readings are orgAniZed from A to Z, i.e. according to the stages and emotions of living in another culture so that fiction can meet reality.

As a participant, you will reflect and write about your own emotions and anecdotes and, by the end of the course, you will have your own personal anthology of short stories about being “abroad and kicking”.

Will you write your own daring endings or never-ending stories as your way home? But then, what is hoME to you?

No previous writing experience is required because YOU are the author of your life! And the main character, by the way…

Course modalities: Each week will be meet for two hours at TBA venues. 8 weeks.
(*) This course is also available in Spanish.

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